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Suggested bike types with child seat

jonbeyjonbey Posts: 5
Just back from Centreparcs holiday, and rode a Mongoose "traditional" bike with a child seat on the back for my 2 year old son. Been looking on internet for something similar, and they are all "ladies bikes", i.e the lower cross bar. This is needed, as once (luckily when son was not in the seat) I did swing my foot over the back wheel and kicked the seat!

Cannot find any retailers with Mongoose bikes like what I rode. This actually only have 1 gear as well. Probably need more gears, as no doubt there will be times I want to use it when son is not on the back.

edit - this is in Halfords, and seems similar to the Mongoose I rode on holiday: ... yId_208956

Does it matter that its a "ladies bike"? Isn't that a bit sexist anyway? To suggest that ladies all wear skirts / are too short to get their legs over the crossbar/saddle?

Any suggestions for the perfect bike/seat combo? Not looking for any rough riding - just easy rides off road, flat areas, on bridle ways, around parks etc.




  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    I just picked up a cheap MTB from ebay to use for the kids.
    If u dont want to spend much then Asda do MTB for £70.

    Be aware that alot of these kids seats clamp to the seat post tube and that MTB's tend to have the front derailluer cable routed that way and mounted on a boss close to the top of the seat tube which may mean it impossible to clamp the kids seat on.
    Cheers, Stu
  • jonbeyjonbey Posts: 5
    Cheers for the Asda tip. I popped in to Halfords quickly today, but did not have time to talk to anyone as son needed feeding. Cheapy supermarket bike does seem like a sensible option for me!
  • spark303spark303 Posts: 17
    Read this before buying the £70 Asda bike.
  • thelawnetthelawnet Posts: 719
    we have two Giant Sedona hybrid MTBs, 14" and 19" frame, and both fit the Hamax Plus luggage rack/seat combo well.
  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    With smaller bikes or MTBs with full suspension, you need to be careful you have enough clearance. My wife's hard-tail MTB (Spec Hardrock) wouldn't take a Hamax child seat without it fouling the rear tyre. Apparently there is an extension kit but the guy in the shop didn't seem hopeful of getting hold of one in a reasonable timeframe.
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