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£500 only available to spend at halfords

jungpresjungpres Posts: 9
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i want a road bike to commute to work i have a mountain bike already but dont want to leave this outside work unfortunately i am limited to where i can spend my letter of collection (halfords) but im told they can order some bikes in any recommendations?


  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,260
    Hi jungpres. That's right, I had to spend my loc last year at halfords, but they can source almost anything. The only thing I found they couldn't do was planet x, because of issues with them not providing reflectors and silly stuff like that.

    If you find a few bikes you like ring them and they will tell you what the price is. They can't take advantage of things like wiggle offers sadly.
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  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    a couple of other bike shops will also take your halfords voucher,one is pearson bikes,it seems that some people have had a problem with halfords not being very good at getting the bike you want,when i rang them to ask about a cannondale they said to have a few differant bikes just in case they couldnt get hold of the one I wanted,but that was no good to me as I want my first choice not 2nd or 3rd...
  • jungpresjungpres Posts: 9
    cool thanks for that :D
  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,260
    Also if you do get it from Halfords then check it over yourself before riding it. I got mine from a Bikehut and a couple of hundred metres down the road the handlebars started sliding about as they hadn't been tightened enough/at all.
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  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    halfords!!! sorry but have to say, it's amazing that it can't seem to do a good job of selling bikes,read on the "road section"of this forum a post by Chris Boardman,it was good of him to take the time to say how he is going to talk to halfords about some of the problems that he has read about, people trying to buy his bikes from halfords and to see if he can fix these,but I might be wrong but either the boss of halfords is either blind or thinks that all he has to do is pay some young boy just out of school a low wage,very little if any training and thinks thats a good service to his customers,I hope Chris can change the way halfords operate but I think it is the way they have choosen to do business,just take the money and more on to the next customer,because halfords MUST be already aware of its failings and have decided its the best/easiest way to make money but i do hope he can change things as his bikes seem to get very good reviews.
  • cyberknightcyberknight Posts: 1,238
    the carrera vituosso got the highest rating in sub £400 bikes in cycle plus
    and you can get a boardman comp for £500 if you want to stick with bike hut.

    You could always take it to a LBS and have it set up right if you cant find one to take the voucher, i was lucky my halfords i got the bike from on the cycle2work had a decent guy in actually knows what hes doing and not some spanner monkey from the car stereo counter :roll:
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