Heavy rain and thunder storms

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Jake151 wrote:
and I am gagging to go out, but the rain is constant and lashing it down with nasty winds. So much for summer *Sigh*

Hows the weather where you are?

It's 9.48 at night here and currently 30 degrees : http://www.weather.gov.hk/contente.htm :shock:

I'm going to bed in a minute so I can get up at 5am to go for a ride without passing out... :D

By the way, rainstorms here are awesome - like riding through a car wash. :lol:
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  • bompington
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    Forecast for heavy rain all day here (Dundee), but it's been dry pretty much the whole day since I got to work and got off my bike. Hard to beat the looks you get when you turn up dripping and filthy from head to toe.
    I find the worst problem with the stormy weather is the flood debris on the roads - great fun this morning fizzing down the road at 40 in a blinding spray trying to avoid all the rocks & not go off sideways on the gravel, sand & mud on the bends.
  • Stewie Griffin
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    windy and/or raining all day and for the forseeable. Where is the humid weather I was whinging about not 2 weeks ago?
  • GraemeT
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    Heavy dark clouds all around, but not actually raining all the time, so if I time it right I might just get home dry.
    If not, I'll get home refreshed.
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  • Frank the tank
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    The weather here is crap.
    Tail end Charlie

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  • Pork Sword
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    We've had nothing but heavy showers and strong headwinds down here in the South West for the last 2 weeks - I've had a belly-full (that's a lot by the way - I'm a bit of a porker). Whatever happened to the heatwave we were all promised a few months back? I want to emigrate to pastures warmer and sunnier but I just can't afford it - has anyone got a spare £300 000 they could bung my way?
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    Hey guys it's the UK what do you expect for Mid July 8)
  • pottssteve
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    If it will make you feel better,

    I Just got back from doing a loop; 48km. At 7.45, when I got home, it was 29 degrees and 80% humidity.

    I'm cooked..... :D
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