Your best ride of the year so far!

busta gonad
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:) Bored with the monsoon this week, tails of your mostest favourite outing so far this year please, mine has to be the Howgills, ridden on a fine and sunny day, bowderdale is to die for.


  • 37 miler in the Dark Peaks, took in all the big ups and all the big downs, weather was spot on, I was at one with my bike and I loved it!
  • Schobiedoo
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    Afan at Easter - The Wall and Penhydd with not a cloud in the sky while London was getting a thorough soaking!
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  • jmasterp
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    Vancouver North shore last week, rode the CBC trail then was taken down some local knowledge only trails which were awesome, and i had a pretty good and wet local ride on Wednesday night too, did a drop I've been bottling for ages
  • Anonymous
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    Marin trail this wednesday just been. First opportunity to get properly off-road in several months, due to a knee injury.
    Felt great to be back again! :D
  • RealMan
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    Test valley tour hot mountain bike challenge.

    Very nice weather, very nice ride, pretty good trails (although no technical stuff). Just managed to scrape under 3 hours for the 50km, so was pleased with that.

    Also January rides through the devils punchbowl in the snow, but during dry days. In shorts and in snow. Fantastic.

    However, in the alps in 2 weeks on a new bike, so I imagine there will be an update..
  • The middle day of the Reivers coast to coast 6 weeks ago, about 80 miles a lot of it through Keilder forrest on a red hot day with cracking guys for company.

    Sweetest moment: the first pint at the end of it!!
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  • lawman
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    ive had a few tbh

    i went for a play in the local woods and just spent hours hammering the same tracks and pinnin it every time, the sun even came out :D

    my favourite was probably llandegla 3 weeks ago, i hadnt been there for about 2 years and it just bought it all back ... i also rode the bike of my dreams, a blur 4x after i got talking to a guy at the bottom of the climb and we swapped bikes cos it was my dream bike and he wanted something light to climb on ... which i think it isnt lol

    the bikeradar testday at cannock was pretty good too
  • miss notax
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    Dalbeattie about 2/3 months ago - everything clicked into place (for once!) and I had an absolute blast :D
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    Riding a gorgeous ano orange Turner Burner!

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  • Northwind
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    Mine was either my first visit to Innerleithen or my first lap of glentress black... The former was better riding but GT was a better day in general, great riding but also a lovely day in the woods. Either one was pretty close to perfect mountain biking, for me. Great riding, great weather, great chat with great mates. And also just slightly outside my comfort zone, but not so far outside that I died.
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  • gaz047
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    had a few good uns so far..

    - went to wales for the weekend, coed-y-brenin beast on fri, and then did the marin on the sat evening, great couple of days, no flats, no mechanicals, good weather and quiet trails
    - also the hayfield - edale loop (clockwise)- do this loop quite a bit, but last month there were six of us just off a night shift, no clouds, no wind, really dry and fast conditions, doesn't get much better than that
    and finally in stark contrast to the above, the crickhowell merida long course. complete mudfest and tough conditions, rained most of the way round, finished with no brakes left and completely shagged
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  • tombate911
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    had to be the loop out of MBR with a few lads from back in january, the weather was great and the riding was brilliant in places, and then i went and broke my collar bone in feb,
  • gaz047
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    what was the loop out of mbr tom?
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