Dt 4.2d

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I've done as much chasing on this rim as i can but does anyone here have any experience of them?

What are they like compared to a mavic xc717, i have bought some hope hoops with a pro 2 hub and the 4.2's but my old wheel was xc717 with an xc hub.
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    , not had the xc717! , but the 4.2d , got them when merlin were selling them with XT hubs and xt rotors

    touch wood, been fine, i weigh 13 stone, ride Llandegla, marin and such like, dont really get air born!

    seem fine, true so far! was thinking to send them off to merlin for a service ( bearings such like) in november

    have head reports the rims can be a bit soft? i run at 30 to 40 psi ( 2.1 inch tires), no issues yet!
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