Whistler bike park advice sort

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I'm taking a holiday to Vancouver in late September (only a two hour flight) and the wife has suggested that we go up to Whistler one day. I think she probably meant to take in the scenery etc but I'd kick myself if we got up there and I didn't go to the bike park.

Only problem is that I've never done any downhill (as in the discipline, not orientation of my bike relative to current altitude :lol: ) and never taken my bike on a chairlift.

Can anyone who has been let me know if the blue and green trails are suitable for a beginner? I can handle a bike reasonably well but I've not done much in the way of jumping or drop offs. Am I likely to be pressured by a big queue of more experienced riders?

How easy is it to find your way around and to use a chairlift with a bike? Should I be able to figure this out simply enough or is it best to have a guide/instructor for a short time? (Should any Whistler instructors/guides/locals be reading feel free to get in touch and pimp your services).

Any tips on transport from Vancouver (downtown) to Whistler? Best I've found so far is the Greyhound bus for $22.