Oh Dear

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It appears to be raining a bit in Bristol. I have to ride home in 10 minutes :shock:


  • sarajoy
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    Rain is fun - enjoy it :D
  • risi
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    I'd noticed that too. I have another 30 minutes on you though. Here's hoping...
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  • Kieran_Burns
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    There are huge, fluffy and very black clouds wandering by overhead at the moment. Very low, very black and very ominous

    Fortunately I have a stinking cough and head cold so I've not been able to cycle in this week. :wink: (had two days collapsed in bed earlier in the week, and lost the whole damn' weekend)

    Aaaaanyway. Fluffy. Huge. Black. :?
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  • its hammering it down hear, and i have forgotten my waterproofes. :D
  • itboffin
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    Did someone mention beerz?!?

    I'm in :wink:
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  • risi
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    itboffin wrote:
    Did someone mention beerz?!?

    I'm in :wink:

    OK. Golden Lion, Wrington. 1 hour. Free pint of Butcombe if you make it...
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  • cjcp
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    Beautiful ride home up here in The Big Smoke.

    Raining cats and dogs now, mind. With thunder and lightning to boot.
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  • matt581
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    Got completely soaked last night but rode home in record time. I think all the wetness actually made my bike run smoother.