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Procycling censored Pound Interview

intothe12intothe12 Posts: 190
edited July 2009 in Pro race
Did anyone else think this was a wasted opportunity to get some really hard hitting information on the most topical subject in cycling (yes..more topical than LA return).

It looked as though the interview mush have been carried out over the phone, as he clearly says he is in Canada, and I dont think the Procycling budget stretchs to sending one man and a photographer to canada for the day.

I just thought that the interview was a robotic and did not follow up on the answers, and did not really engage on the topic. Maybe it was trying to cover too much in one article, maybe the mazagine issue was short on space and cut it to pieces, I’m not sure, but i just felt it was a bit superfical.

One thing is clear though, censored Pound certainly does not have any friends in the UCI, and in my view, whether you think he is a crusader out to make a name for himself or a honourable man pursuing a just cause, there is no doubt that when he ran WADA that he shot from the hip and all else be damned.

I for one would like to see more of him at the IOC, UCI, CAS or whereever.
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