best oakley optics for indoor velodrome

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I have recently taken to track riding and im currently going through the proces of building up skills and power on the track. I own a pair of Half-jackets that i use out on the road and use the Fire Iridium and grey lens tints for bright sunny conditions right through to grey overcast days.

However i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to what lens tint would be the best choice for riding the track. Some peoples experience in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mike


  • Brixtonbiker
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    There is not any sun at an indoor velodrome so clear lenses would be fine.

    On a outdoor track , the same lens as you use on the road.
  • Blonde
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    I agree that completely clear would be best if you feel you need to wear any at all. I don't wear any specs on the inside track now. I tried them, but found sweat got in my eyes and as you can't really adjust your glasses whilst racing, most other people seem not to wear any either. I soon got used to the dry air and it just doesn't bother my eyes any more.
  • mrushton
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    Either clear or HI Persimmon or persimmon. You don't need Iridium indoors
  • cougie
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    But iridium does look cool !

    i dont think it makes any difference really.

    You're not going to be dazzled by the lights indoor and you're not going to miss anything with darker lenses on either.