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Looking to convert a cheapo Dawes hybrid to drops and stumbled across these.

Has anyone here used these bar ends? What other mods did you do to make the setup more useable?

Otherwise I'm looking at going from a V-brake/MTB drivetrain to a road setup, which will cost a packet as I'll have to change front mech, brakes (front and rear), shifters, bars, stem...

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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    Don't go there :shock:
    The main advantage with drop bars is having a variety of comfortable hand positions available. Especially on the top bends and behind the hoods. Those things will give you a 90 degree bend and no hoods for distance riding.
    Also it will be too expensive to convert your present bike to proper drops. Suggest you look out for a decent second hand road bike then you will really notice a difference in ride quality
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    Fair do's!

    I have a drop-bar roadie already, but it's not suitable for touring, which is why I was pondering converting the old hybrid (it's got all the right holes for racks, clearance for wider tyres & mudguards etc).

    In that case I'll get some normal bar-ends to see if that sorts out the numb-hands problems I get with the flat bars.

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