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Help me choose a bike...

MccraqueMccraque Posts: 819
edited July 2009 in XC and Enduro
Hi chaps

After a bit of advice...posted in the buying guide before without much (actually...any) replies

I currently own a specialized epic - 03 (the one they released just after the pennyfarthin) - which, for the most part I love. Generally I do XC riding on the south downs, north downs and throw in a few Welsh trails a couple of times a year for good measure

I was a bit reluctant initially to go full suss, but the Epic has sort of broken me in with the brain on the I can climb in the seat, out of the seat....nice responsive and stiff in theat respect.

Found it lacking in Wales am wondering if it is time for an upgrade. Looked at a Trek Fuel, Scott Spark and a Lapierre Zesty on Saturday. Really like the Scott and the Lapierre. I silly in upgrading from the Epic given that I find it enjoyable and capable for most of what I do (but majorly lacking in Wales...and lacking a disc brake and lacking decent forks (rockshox duke at the mo!)

Does anyone think I will lose too much in XC speed if I went for the more trail orientated Lapierre? Or should I just upgrade the old Epic??
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