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SPD shoes for kids?

andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
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My 9 year old is becoming quite a roadie since I got him a Luath 26 and we go for a good ride on Sunday mornings, which is great.

The only thing is the pedals that come with the bike are slippy in the wet. I've looked at more grippy flat pedals but can only find ones that would make a mess of his leg if he were to come off. And anyway clipless is generally the way to go IMHO. Obviously, no problem fitting spds, but I can't find any shoes in kids sizes that will take cleats (and preferably don't cost a fortune given how fast their feet grow). He is currently a size 3.

Any suggestions gratefully received.




  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    Try these:

    Can normally get away with a size bigger than normal, both my kids have never had problems (wearing them since 8 )
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  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    Thanks. Look good and at that price can't go wrong. Hide the packaging that says they are women's, fit some Wellgo pedals and job done.

    He starts Yr5 in September and will be doing the Cycling Proficiency Test (or whatever it's called now). Interesting to see how the instructor reacts to drops and clipless!
  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    Woohoo! Thanks to this thread for the link. Shoes in link are much cheaper than anywhere else -- and who wants to spend a fortune on child's SPDS?
  • My daughter - age 9 has size 1 feet - we have used a cheap pair of football boots, filed off studs and drilled holes to fit spds - as my feet are only a 4 (36 to 37) we are guessing it will be a while til her feet are big enough for cycling shoes - most of which start at a 36
  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    Are there some kind of magnetic snap in pedals for kids to use? Son says he saw some last week, sort of a kids' SPD.
    Has anyone heard of such a thing?
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    I've heard of them. Because of the vagueness of detachment, I'm not sure I'd be a fan. The whole getting started clipping in part would be great. But, I can forsee a lot of issues clipping 'out'.

    If you google it - there seems to have been a few broken legs.
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