Selle Italia SLR XP - Sore butt - what shoud I change to?

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The title says it all, but I have a Selle Italia SLR XP on my Canyon CF10 - and this saddle is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Last weekends 90kms trek through the mountains north of Madrid ended up with sores and a blister - so I sense (literally) that the time has come to change.

Any advice or recommendations on what saddle I should choose?

There are some try-and-buy offers around - so any advice what I should test.

For further background, I weigh 80kilos and am equipped with good quality Etxeondo bibs.
My guess is that my morphology just does not suit the SLR XP. Any similar experiences?



  • synchronicity
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    I am the opposite. I find the SLR XP one of the most comfy saddles in its weight class. Obviously the standard SLR or any of the variants are out.

    For that reason, I wouldn't recommend the Selle San Marco Magma either as they have a somewhat similar shape.

    Try something with a completely different shape, like a Fi'zi:k Arione or else a selle SMP.
  • sward29
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    I moved to an SLR XP after suffering badly with the Specialized Toupe and never being fully comfy with a Fizik Arione. What I will say about the SLR, and I'm sure that ity applies to all saddles really, is that a small shift in fore/aft position or saddle tilt can make a massive amount of difference to comfort levels. When I first set the SLR up on my bike I put it in the same fore/aft position to my Arione but felt that I wasn't sat far back enough on the saddle. Shifting it forward by a couple of mm and ensuring that it was as close to level as possible made the world of difference.

    You may not be suited to the SLR, but given the price of saddles it might be worth adjusting the position to see if that makes a difference before taking the plunge and switching saddles.
  • Cubic
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    I tried the SLR XP and the MAX Flite but didn't get on with either. I then tried the Fizik Arione and find it much better. It's no armchair, but I can do a 5hr ride on it without noticing it much, so maybe worth a try?