Dog Cr*p

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Went out last night and within 5 minutes of being on the trail I had ridden through some land mine that some good for nothing pooch had left behind.

I really really hate this sort of thing. At least it was pouring with rain and the smell disipated after a 10 minutes of riding but I think if I ever see anyone let their dog crap on the trail without cleaning it up I would probably give them quite a bit of verbal abuse.

Sigh... anyway, ride was good. Got drenched in the rain though.

/end rant.


  • .blitz
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    There's quite a lot of horse sh*t on the Chase at the moment :lol: especially on the DH. I think the horses decide to have a dump as soon as they start going uphill.

    It makes the trails interesting though. Shall I ride the rain ruts or go through the horse sh*t?
  • blister pus
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    Rain and dogshite never a great combination, which is why I end up using mudguards more than I'd like to even in "summer".
  • cgarossi
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    I worry about getting it on my hydration pack tube, so from now on im taking some antibacterial wipes with me.

    Horse crap I don't really mind. Its no where near as nasty
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    there was doggie "presents" all over the common on sunday. its as if theyre doing it on the smoothest line same with horses. good bunnyhop practice though

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  • cgarossi
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    :lol: Yeah I guess so.

    Although I wouldn't want to be the rider behind me if I miss and slam the rear wheel into the middle of it. Eww.
  • llamafarmer
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    cgarossi wrote:
    I worry about getting it on my hydration pack tube, so from now on im taking some antibacterial wipes with me.

    Mine got covered in mud at the last race I did, since then I've got into the habit of tucking the nozzle under the section of the hose where it gets fed through the loops in the shoulder strap. Keeps it out of the worst of the flying mud!
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    It's sheep and cow doodah round here. Sheep is OK as it is quite dry and if a piece sticks to your tyre, it usually flirts harmlessly off after a few metres. As for cow, well......

    I deliberately chose a bladder that has a cover on the mouthpiece to stop it getting covered by flying poop. You would have thought covers would be universal, but far from it.
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    gotta love the sloppy peak district cow turds!!!
    i always big a spare bite valve to stop the problem but if it happens twice then ur fooked
    2 Broken fingers broken again... F@$%^£g hell that hurt!!!

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    i thought i was unlucky and was fuming on sat when a bird (the feathered varity)craped on me while i was playing with my daughter on the trampoline,..
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    its the usual you use footpaths walkers and dogwalkers have a huge rant, on the bridalways they have a huge rant again even though you can ride there and then you go out onto the trails for mtb ONLY and mr and mrs self rightous are walking the dogs down the trail and not picking up the sh*t
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