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Cube Bikes Stolen from Cyclewise Whinlatter

corinbcorinb Posts: 25
edited July 2009 in MTB stolen

The trail head shop at Cyclewise Whinlatter at the start of the new Whinlatter Trails was broken into last night and had some pretty unique bikes stolen, we'd appreciate it if folk could keep their eyes open. Most of the bikes taken are all brand new this years models and are still quite rare in this country so should be easy to spot.

Fritzz K18 Build Black 16"
Stereo in white/orange 18" - Only a few of these in the country, all will have been sold from shops, any cheap ones appearing will be a bit suspect
AMS Comp 18"
Sting HPC 18' - This is a pretty rare bike in the UK and is one of the staff's bikes. it's had loads of heli tape applied and has been ridden a few times, It might well be the only Sting in the country? Easy to spot it's carbon fibre frame.

Thanks for any help

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