BEAR Scotland Road maintenance

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This crew 'maintain' the roads and main cycle path up where I live.

Last week, left the racing bike at home, ventured out on mb with 2-yr-old daughter on back seat. On the last lap of our trip, we found our path blocked by a BEAR Scotland van...parked fully across the cycle path. Didn't seem to faze the 4 chaps who were engaged in feck-knows what at the time.....they just stared at me like a dog who has been shown a card trick! Good work lads, I thought, as I manoeuvred past them, onto the dual carriageway, and back onto the path.......

By the way, dumping a tonne of salt at the Arbroath end, and 'hoping' that it will miraculously disperse itself the whole 20 miles down to Dundee, does not constitute 'maintaining the cycle path in winter'.......