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The rear wheel on my Tricross Single is due to be replaced in about weeks when the Pru comes good which I wasn't expecting.

A direct replacement from Specialized will cost £60 and match the front. Byercycles have rears on offer for £49 or do I splash out on a Halo rear?

Need 120 OLD, either flip or free. What others are you using?
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  • Ngalbrai
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    Not entirely sure what you are asking but if I were you I would pay the extra few quid to keep the wheels matching, I have odd wheels on mine as was feeling a bit tight when replacement was due and regret it every time I look at the bike as odd wheels look a bit cr@p.
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    round ones :roll:
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  • prawny
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    People seem to rate the halo wheels, the MTB ones are tough aswell.

    I see what ngalbrai is saying though, you'll need a pair of halos, you don't want non matching wheels 8)
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  • redvee
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    Sod the gas/electric/water bills etc I'll go for the pair if I haven't already spent it.
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