Which wheels for fat boys?

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OK, so I finally tracked down the annoying loose spoke noise that seemed to be following me from bike to bike. It was following me. Apparently road wheels are mostly designed for tiny people, that is people who weigh less than 190lbs (13.5 stones or 87 kilos).

I'm 6'4" and way a more manly 207lbs (14 stone 11 or 94 kilos... I'm prepared to confess I may have a power to weight issue or two to address).

My secondhand Orbea racer came with Shimano 105 wheels and my 2nd hand Chas Roberts tourer came fitted with wheels with Mavic XP21 rims and Ultegra hubs.

I like to do hills at the weekends, the Alps in my holidays and I commute 15-20 miles each way over the usual crap country lanes whenever I can when I'm at work.

So, if I'm going to upgrade and I want the wheels to last, which wheels should I go for?

The only option I've so far found is Hed Ardennes Stallion (a.k.a. fat boy) build.

http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... t-08-32321


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    Go to a reputable builder like Pete Matthews, Paul Hewitt or Harry Rowland and they'll sort you with some suitable hoops.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I've just fitted some American Classics Victory wheels, which are recommended for the heavier rider - I made another post about them but here is a link to the details (containing other useful links):


    hope this helps.
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    Stevo at Roadace is worth chatting to aswell. As him about the royce titan hubs, very strong.
  • OK. First off, thank you all for your interest and wise words.

    I have succumbed and bought myself a set of Ardennes Stallions, which I've fitted with Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres (I don't do punctures). HED advised running them at 10psi. They're not the cheapest solution but they are great!

    I'm going to get the old wheels rebuilt by one of the decent wheel builders you've given me the details for (thanks again) as after a bit of web searching it seems that the Mavic XP 21 rims are not necessarily bad, but they're not good if built poorly using poor spokes.

    Hurrah. I'm off for a ride!

  • Damn, I missed the boat here.

    I too am 6'4" and 95kg, and have a set of Ksyrium Elites on my training bike and Zipp 404 Clydedales on my race bike. So far so good on both.

    Knackering wheels is my single biggest problem (other than erectile dysfunction) so I'll be interested to hear how you get on with your new ones.

  • I'll keep you posted Rich, so far so bloomin fantastic. By the way, HED didn't of course advise 10psi but 105 :!: