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I need to replace the Ultegra cassette on my Trek 1.9, was going to replace with another 11-25 but can get a 11-23 much cheaper. Can anyone tell me what difference this will make?

Lots of thanks in advance!



  • skyd0g
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    You will lose your lowest gear by going to the 11-23, but should get slightly closer ratos elsewhere.
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  • nferrar
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    If you never use first gear on your 11-25 then you'll be fine...
  • bompington
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    I never use 1st gear, why, does anyone?
  • Mister W
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    It depends how steep the hill is.
  • eskimo778
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    So, is there any advantage to sticking to Ultegra for cassette and a new chain - does mixing components really matter?
  • weeve
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    stick within brands and no worries.
    shim compatible chains from other brands are fine but generally ultegra x ultegra is generally very good value/light/durable.
    If you have a compact front (50/34) or triple rather than double and no signif hills 11-23 fine
    Campag obv doesnt mix with shim/sram
    9 speed chains wont work on a 10 speed bike (well...with out regrets)

    about it I think :)
  • eskimo778
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    Big thank you everyone, now sorted, got a 105 11/25 cassette and 10 speed chain to replace old.