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Any good New Forest xc trails?

AlexgillespieAlexgillespie Posts: 5
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I'm moving down to the southampton area in september for uni and was wondering if there are many good trails in the new forest??
and where the best places to go are?


  • 40mpg40mpg Posts: 1
    Plenty of good, but cheeky, trails in the forest. Lordswood, to the north of the city, has some good trails too. Not too far from the South Downs, Farleigh Mount, Isle of Wight amd Purbecks which all have great riding.

    Thu University have a strong contingent of mountain bikers, but also check out <; for local rides.
  • helen984helen984 Posts: 30
    Be careful! £500 fine if you're caught cycling off-route in the forest, EEK!
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  • Reviving a decomposed thread here, but wondered if anyone could offer first hand advice regarding the Lordswood trails...

    Are there suitable trails that I could do on my rigid fork Pylon8?
    Would my better half, pretty much a complete novice to any sort of cycling, enjoy a trip on her XCR forked Zena2?
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  • pjm-84pjm-84 Posts: 819
    Some of the trails are technical but you can do as much or as little as you want. Well worth a visit.
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