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dave35dave35 Posts: 1,124
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Is there any difference between a Track Bike and a Fixed Wheel bike?
Thinking of outing the Geared Bikes and getting a Fixed Wheel training bike and a fixed wheel time trial bike.
Could a fixed wheel t.t bike be used on the track?


  • CranksCranks Posts: 129
    Depends on the bottom bracket height. Specific track bikes have a higher BB height to cope witht he steep bankings (so your pedals do not clip the ground on the bend).

    Indoor velodromes have steep bankings, some outdoor velodromes have steep bankings, most outdoor tracks are shallow so you could get a way with it - check with someone who rides at your local velodrome on their advice for BB height.
  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    You need a BB height of at least 11” if you want to use the bike at Manchester or Newport.

    None of the road biased fixed gear bike come close and their geometry is too lazy, although they’re ok on outdoor tracks. The TT road frames with track style drop-outs are also road geometry and will only really work for pursuit (or possibly the Kilo) where you’re not really using the banking.
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  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    As Eddy S said - having the correct BB height and also the correct crank length is essential. You should check the track bike specification for any track you want to ride on, to ensure your bike complies. For example, drilled forks (for brakes), tug nuts, wheel axle bolts that are not flush, quick release wheels and bike computers are not allowed at Manchester velodrome. You wont find bottle cage mounts on a track specific frame either as drinks are only allowed in riders warm-up area (i.e not on the track).
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