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Hi folks.

Dont know if any of you have come across the website You can complain to the council through them about defects in your area. It gets documented online so if you complain about potholes etc and you come a cropper it may be easier to get compensation.
I got a reply from my local council regarding potholes and road defects after 2 days.

It may be a good method of showing the council what we think about the streets and roads in your areas.

I doubt they will repair anything tho :(


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    Thanks for the link.

    Here in Angus, we must have the worst road surfaces in Britain. The only decent one is the dual carriageway between Arbroath and Dundee, and you're taking your life in your hands cycling on that between 8am and 10pm.....Angus councilors should get up off their fat bahookies, get bikes, and get out to see the state of the roads for themselves.....but that would mean they would have to actually make an effort!!!!
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    Angus444 wrote:
    Here in Angus, we must have the worst road surfaces in Britain.

    Many might disagree. :wink:

    Fix My Street has been around for ages now. :)
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    You can also report potholes here