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I have entered the Exmoor bike marathon this year, I have never done this event before or ridden that area so not to sure what to expect. The main question I have is what type of bike to use for the event? The choice I have is a old GT Zaska with full XTR group set with v brakes this bike is very light and is my good old faith full ride. The other bike I have is a 2007 Specialized XC Comp pro,full suspension with disc brakes. This is a standard shop build and is a lot heavier than the GT. Any ideas? [/b]


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    Firstly, how far is the ride?

    How long do you REALISTICALLY expect to ride it in?

    What's the farthest you've ridden in one go (non-stop) in the last 3 months?

    Have you 'Google'd' the Exmoor MTB marathon course? I'm pretty sure it'll tell you the type of terrain that's involved.

    Which bike do you like riding the most?

    Which bike is set up better, and more comfortable for longer rides?

    What is your current bike-fitness like?

    How much have you prepared for this event by doing longer, steady rides...?


    The question you asked has a million variables. There's a ton more too, but I got bored listing them off, TBH. If you are more comfortable on long days on you Zaskar, then ride that. If more comfortable on the Specialized, then ride that. Personally, I would take the full-sus option for an all day ride, or an enduro event. More comfrtable, so less fatiging over the long distances involved.
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