Risers and Bar ends??

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I have Riser bars on my new boardman pro, Is it wrong to be missing my bar ends? If i put some on will I be shunned by the MTBiking community?
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  • you may be shunned, but it'd be by the sort of person you probably wouldn't want to be associated with anyway. If it works for you, go for it.
  • largephil
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    Have you tried rotating your riser bar to get a more comfortable all round riding position? I have long arms and found by rotating the riser forward helped.
  • scotto
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    You won't be shunned, but must admit, every time I see a bike with bar ends heading my way I always make the assumption that it's going to be an old sh*tter !

    Though that is very wrong of me I know, it's a bit like having a whip aerial on a car, just old skool, but not in a good way.

    Like sinlespeed says, if you want them go for it.
  • rowlers
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    I use them, it give a nicer position for my wrists when doing road/lonning miles.

    If I'm shunned, so be it!
  • GHill
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    They're certainly not in fashion, but if you like them and find them useful who cares.
  • fletch8928
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    I like to use bar ends. Cant think when i have been shunned. I think crud catchers look stupid, i use a rear one on a wet commute but always leave it off for normal riding. Riser bars do give you a larger choice of positions but if you like to have bar ends then so be it. Ino people who shun others for not following others are those who dont smile and enjoy.
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  • Thermo1
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    They don't look that bad really and if Dave Wiens can rock bar ends and risers then so can I.

    This is my bike with risers and Ergon grips.

  • Uncle Peter
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    Do it, do it, do it...Just not round here. :lol::lol:

    To be honest if it gets you up the hill quicker than everyone else who gives?!
  • m@rk
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    Thanks, For the advice, think I will try adjusting the handlebars. Then failing that gonna go for some ergons. need to get rid of pins and needles in little fingers.
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  • RealMan
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    If you really really want to, do it.

    It just looks stupid, thats all.

    Could always get some flat bars and bar ends.
  • rowlers
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    RealMan wrote:

    It just looks stupid, thats all.

  • Prowlus
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    I'm actually considering some ergons on my Ransom . Would they fit the bike's intended purpose or would a fr rig look silly with bullhorns?
  • RealMan
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    Same reason this looks stupid.


    It just does.
  • Thermo1
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    Prowlus wrote:
    I'm actually considering some ergons on my Ransom . Would they fit the bike's intended purpose or would a fr rig look silly with bullhorns?

    It depends on how you ride and which Ergons you choose. The GE and GA ("enduro" and "all mountain") are plain-looking grips with some Ergon touches added.
  • zero303
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    I'm not convinced they work tbh... (and yes they look crap ;))

    I ran them at a 12 hour enduro as an experiment - when your number board says 'solo' at a 12 hour event it would seem that you get to carry a degree of respect and awe about you so you can just about pull off bar ends on a riser. lol

    However, the angle and the width just makes them feel all wrong, I used them quite a lot for resting my hands in the long fireroad climbs but I tend to do that on the ends of the bars anyway so no actual benefit there.

    In terms of using them for leverage on the climbs, the width and angle means they're just in the wrong position to help you grunt effectively! Besides bar ends hinder you dropping your elbows (a far more useful technique) so I question their value in climbing anyway.

    Then, when you hit the singletrack, they're just in bloody way! Seem to provide some kind of barrier on the outside of your hand hindering you moving the bike about underneath you.

    They're just a crap idea IMO and offer only perceived benefits.