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my new [but old] santa cruz blur

kingofmoussakakingofmoussaka Posts: 19
edited July 2009 in Your mountain bikes

here is my spad - bought on classified 1 month ago.
i did not start yet working on equipments.


if you have some [very] good ideas to optimize my bike, you're welcome :)



  • Si78Si78 Posts: 963
    Very nice bike mate :D

    I would love a Santa Cruz, lovely bikes.

    How much did it cost you?

    Can you put a list of the bikes specs on here?

    Why has my sig been removed by the admins???
  • hi

    thx a lot !

    i bought it in Belgium - i'm living in paris - not to far
    it costs around 1 600$

    here is my bike specs :

  • GobsGobs Posts: 296
    My wife, she is dead
  • hum.... what do you mean "by my wife, she's dead ?"

    i don't think that i have the good way to translate what you write

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