Cotic Soul should it stay or should it go?

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    Would stripping it down and selling only the components off be enough to fund a new road bike? You could then keep the frame ready to be built up if you need it again in the future.
  • Why can't you just ride the Soul on-road? That's gonna do your fitness more good than a road bike! If you go out and do 30 miles on a road bike and then 30 on the MTB the 30 miles on the MTB will do you more good.

    If I do a fitness ride I still ride my FS with low PSI in the tyres...hard work but gets the ticker going!
  • Don't know about that one. Its something to consider. What i didn't mention is that i also have another bike (jump bike) and if i gather any more bike parts to hang around the place i might just get castrated by my other half.

    I think if the cotic goes then the jump bike will probably go in one almighty clear out of unused bike bits.
  • I'd strip the cotic for now and get some road based parts on it to use for fitness. keep all the other bits and add slicks & stuff like that, and try it out for a bit. changing things like tyres and little bits could allow you to get closer to having a road bike, but still having what is an iconic bike for whenever you wish to rock it out again.
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  • I've got slicks on it at the moment and even went singlespeed for a while in the name of fitness but i just finding myself still wanting more speed better aerodynamics and less weight. Although the cotic is without doubt a brilliant bike its still a compromise on the road no matter what. It would be a lot easier if i just had enough money to buy the road bike anyway!!!
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    if its not being used and you want a roadbike which would be used, i would sell up and get a bike you are actually going to ride.
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    Exactly what sheepy said.

    However, I've got a similar situation, got a Handjob and a Nicolai Helius CC, don't want to use either of those on the road so I got an el cheapo rat bike to commute to work to.

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    Use the soul more!

    You didn't mention forks which will affect value just a tiny bit btw...
  • oh yeah forks are revelation air u-turns and brakes are juicy 5s
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    There's a lot of value in that... It'd get a pretty nice road machine, Soul frames really keep their value. Have you tried just benching the Soul temporarily and doing all the riding you'd usually do on it with the Meta? If that works, then you probably have your answer.
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    God will strike you down!

    The Cotic is the do it all bike. Get rid of everything, wife, kids, house, but don't lose your Soul.
  • whoa thats quite a reaction!
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    If it's a large you can sell it to me!

    Seriously - what size is it, how much, where and any chance of some pics?
  • I've decided i'm going to sell the cotic so i'll get more info including pictures up in the next couple of days. Its a large so i guess it'll suit anyone from about 5' 9'' upwards but check the cotic website because i could be wrong. I'm 6'4'' and its been fine for me. Not decided on asking price yet, i intend to look on chainreaction to figure out some sort of value for it, feel free to suggest a price. I'm based in Dundee so ideally would like a reasonably local buyer but not essential.

    Photos coming soon.
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    OK, a bit of an over reaction, but I wouldn't dream of selling mine.

    Takes me to work every day, local trails and trails centres at weekends and just back from taking it for a thrashing in Les Arc. Theres really nothing like chasing the full sussers down the downhill.

    It is a do it all machine, but I'll conceed that the Meta is a great bike.

    But be warned, watch who you sell your Soul to :twisted: