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Riding in Cambridge

jenar23jenar23 Posts: 4
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My husband and I have just moved to Cambridge and are looking for good places to ride - any suggestions, please? I've been told Thetford and Chicksands are good, but is there any a little closer we can just ride too?


  • PufftmwPufftmw Posts: 1,941
    Don't know but if you find any, please let me know!

    I go to Thetford Forest most weeks but I'm over near BSE
  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,728
    I do a loop from Cambridge going out over to Wimpole and back again, (although recently I've been a bit lazy and haven't done it for a bit, need to get back into doing it at least once a week)

    I've put it up on cycle-route, its a good 30km 2 hour ride, has a few fun sections aswell, but as with Cambridge its mostly flat.... ... -3024.html

    There's also the roman road to the south of the city which is dead straight but you can take bridleways off it and make up rides which can be ok.
  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    Not particularly off-road - but there are loops round Rutland and Graffham water and if you get an OS map of the area / ask at the bikeshops you will find more off-road routes nearby.
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  • hamstrichhamstrich Posts: 112
    If you're keen for riding with other folks, there's a bunch of people who meet on Tues and Thurs evenings for MTB rides around Cambridge - I imagine they'd be likely to have some handy local knowledge. Here's their website:
  • apoc_regapoc_reg Posts: 166
    Hey hamstrich, tHat looks good, Im a Cambridge XC rider.

    I do a fairly long route to and from work and wouldnt mind some other people to ride with from time to time.

    Do the CambsMTB lot only do night riding do you know?

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