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bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
edited July 2009 in Routes
After seeing some folks pass us at Black Moss Pot on their bikes, was looking at some routes in that area. Stonethwaite area, up to Styhead tarn, Rossett Pike etc....

Anyone had any experience or rides around there, no idea how long this will take or what it will be like to ride. A sample route map can be found here:


  • Most stuff round there is hike a bike, including 50% of the route you've shown. Stonethwaite to the foot of Stake Pass is rideable in the large part. Stake Pass to Styhead is more of a walk than a ride. Styhead to the top of Taylor Gill Force is rideable, then a walk down to Stockley Bridge. The last bit is rideable. Will probably take all day. There is a lot of steep, rough climbing and descending. It will be full of walkers. If you must go, choose a good day. Bad weather up there can make things v. difficult. There are better rides in the area.
    Frank Yates
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    Agree with above - too much carrying I think.
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  • bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
    Thought that might be the case, will look at other simpler/shorter options in the area
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    I'd do it, but then I am a mentalist.
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  • I've done it, that's why I know how bad it is.
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