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Sat Nav GPS, Routes (GPX file) and mobile phones ? help!

m.r.daviesm.r.davies Posts: 5
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I've found a site called bikeroutetoaster

I've managed to plan my 120mile route which i'm doing tomorrow and over the weekend
The site outputs the files in GPX and KML format

I've got a windows mobile phone with google maps (latest version)
I've managed to open the file directly and launch google maps, it shows the route on the map (no guidance though), i was hoping to use some other software that accepts GPX or KML files that allows me to have proper routing (i.e. tells me turn left etc)

the route i'm following is on the national cycle network, routes 4, 8 and 47
I've tried a few apps, but nothing seems good.

what options do i have, or is google maps the only real option?


  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Before we go any further I am assuming you have a phone with built in GPS to give your position to the software!

    The other option is expensive, and that is to buy a program such as Memory-Map that will also work (limited - but adequate) on a Windows Smart Phone.

    A single Geographical area such as Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Kent, Avon, W Sussex, E Sussex, Greater London will set you back about £50 for software and maps.

    You then operate the software on the PC and download map segments as you rewuire to the phone.

    I have used this successfully with both a PDA and Smartphone
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  • thanks

    in the end, i went to file manager, and clicked on a KML file which bikeroutetoaster outputted

    i then associated it with the latest version of google maps (3.something) and 2 mins later it showed my route as a blue line!

    cained the battery so turned it off, but got us on track when we got lost a few times.

    couldn't have done it without it!
  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 6
    I use Trekbuddy.

    This is a JAVA based program that runs on your phone. It can then connect to your GPS via bluetooth or to an internal GPS in the phone.

    You can load a GPX file for the choosen route and also use it to display maps.

    You need to download the maps file first which you can do using this program:

    I use GMAPtoGPX to extract the GPX file from google maps:

    I do my route planning using this:

    I have successfully use the above combination on a few trips and find it works well.

    The other useful thing is that you can save your actual route, so when you get back you can load that into google earth or other GPX viewing programs.
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    Is this a "FREE" solution? In that the maps are pre-downloaded onto the phone.

  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 6
    Yes, my solution is completely free. Just needs a little forward planning to download the correct maps, and create any routes you want to follow.

    I used it again over the weekend while riding around the Isle of Wight.
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