Chris KIng Inset??

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Can anyone tell me if the new Chris KIng Inset can be used as a integrated headset?? I have an old 2002 Litespeed Tuscany I am looking to rebuild which uses a integrated headset. I have an Evouloution TI integrated for it but wondered it the Chris King Inset would work with it???



  • bennyboyh
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    Contact Chris King directly. For a global name they treat their customers as is you were their friend.
    If they don't resond in 48 hrs I'd be suprised.
  • Stellite
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    Check out their web page, they have pdf manuals and info on there which might answer your questions. I know they do an "old style" headset.
  • crankycrank
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    Last I checked Chris King does not do integrated as he feels it is an inferior piece of engineering. But best to contact his site.
  • mrushton
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    the inset is an intergrated h/set but it depends on the diameter of the head tube receptacle. There is more on the C.King site and I think the WMP had a review some weeks back
  • Thnx for all the advice guys, I think I'll enquire at my local bike shop to see if they can size one up for my bike.

  • kjcearns
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    I have a similar question for my Merlin extralight. Never have been happy with the Integrated HS and finally looking for something to improve my ride. I'm hoping litespeed used similar head tube diameter for the Aluminum IS headset insert as Merlin did.