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New commuter needs new bike!

bevans1986bevans1986 Posts: 29
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Hi guys,

I'm just about to start riding to work (7.5 miles each way) at present I have a Norco Fluid (full sus mountain bike) that is obviously not remotely suited to commuting.

So I need a new bike, the problem is money (or lack of it) I can't really spend more than £200 which obviously does not buy much bike at all!

I did though find this Saracan Pylon 2 on Winstanley ... _Bike_2007
Looks pretty good to me not sure about the 3 speed internal hub though, has anyone got any experience with it?

Or anyone know any alternatives to look at / have a bike for sale in the Southampton area?


  • LDN-FlyerLDN-Flyer Posts: 97
    if it were me i'd say screw the Hub HTFU and go for a Singlespeed, nice cheap one like this if you wanna keep the cost down ... _Bike_2009
  • bevans1986bevans1986 Posts: 29
    I did consider singlespeed but having always had gears I was slightly reluctant, however bearing in mind how bad I am at looking after bikes it would probably be for the best.

    Never had a racing style bike before how do the frame sizes compare? I'm about 6 foot what kind of size would I need?
  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 5,355
    I bought the Pylon8 back at the end of March for £300, replaced the original tyres with 1.75" Marathon Pluses; added a set of SKS Beavertail mudguards; replaced original pedals with Time ROC S. Comfort and reliability have been great, consequently my Felt F5C has not seen much tarmac in over three months.

    Bought it from the Rutland Cycling Ebay store. They do not have any Pylon8s in stock right now, but they do have the Pylon3 for £190 in both 18" and 20" frames... ... 7C294%3A50

    Has disc brakes front and rear, unlike the coaster rear brake on the Pylon2.
    The 20" frame fits well for me with 32" legs; 5'10" height and slightly gangly arms!

    Comes with 38T chainring and 16T sprocket. Throw the details into the gear ratio calculator at to compare the gears you use on your current bike for uphill/flat/downhill against what is offerered on the Nexus3 ;)
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