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hi just wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction with a bmx project im about to start,first off i know this aint really the right place to post this ,so before you tell me off i know ,right ill start ive just gone round my mum and ads and picked up my very old falcon pro bmx and am looking to get it up and running again after not moving out of the garage for at least 20 years ,i need help in tracking down old reconed parts or new reps can anybody help me find a good web site ,plus if you know of any good powder coaters or chromers ? any help on getting the project up and running would be great ,cheers smitty


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    Give the peeps on retrobike a line or two, normally very helpful wioth old school stuff. ... a5287aa917
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    smitty wrote:
    plus if you know of any good powder coaters or chromers ?
    Last year jr kept nagging me for some 'raw' cranks for his BMX. Being the cheapskate that I am, I tried some paintstripper on the cranks and whaddayaknow with a bit of persuasion from some wire wool I soon had that authentic 'factory prototype' look. Next step was to paintstrip the forks and bars and I have to say it looks pretty cool. The steel is galvanised so it's not like it rusts overnight. Maybe worth a shot if the painters are expensive.
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    Alans BMX shop has an old skool section for all the classic style parts, good shop too, always helpfull and reliable!
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    cheers for the help guys will check the links out and keep you posted
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    by the way got the peeps at falcon to look into it for me ,really need to find images of the decal sets ?
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    well falcon got back to me today ,no joy there records only go back to 1989 and my bike is circa 86 so if anybody has tracked down images of the decal sheet give me a shout
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    what is the model of your falcon pro i think mine was called a gt flyer or something like that
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    im not sure i cant remember think its a falcon pro freestyle or something like that ,im trying to get info on it so i can do a rebuild and hit some jumps on it