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Traffic-free routes near Malvern

OrangeSmartieOrangeSmartie Posts: 331
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As per the title, I'm looking for somewhere to go cycling with my son (nearly 5, doesn't need stabilizers) that is within a sensible drive of Malvern, but preferably has no traffic. Disused train line &c would be ideal but any information will be gratefully received. If anyone knows anywhere that we can go, I would be most grateful for any info. I should mention that he did 14.5 miles on a sponsored ride last year so he can go a fair way.

Many thanks in advance,



  • richard_lrichard_l Posts: 375
    One place would likely be the Forest of Dean - there is a good network of traffic free trails there.

    Closer to you- could try the canal tow-path from Worcester through to Droitwich. Although there is always the concern of a fall into the canal, for much of this section the path is set some way back from the canal side so is not too much an issue.

    Also, did you know there is a new club in Malvern? Might be worth getting along to a couple of sessions there as well. ... dal_power/
  • djcombesdjcombes Posts: 63
    I live in Malvern, used to live in Worcester.

    The canal from Worcester goes all the way to Birmingham from the Severn, and takes in some nice scenery on the way. Not sure where it branches off to Droitwich - I think it might be newly fixed up.

    I rode from Brum to Worcester and back once, and it was fun. It's about 30-35 miles from Worcester to Brum (centre to centre). Any subset of that should be good. It's not totally flat though. There are around 40 locks between Brum and Worcester. Tardebigge (sp?) has a big flight of around 20 ish very close together. It's not hard going though.

    I'll see if I can get my office mate to respond - he's got a young boy with an Isla bike, and I know he does some fairly long rides.
  • rjtbunyanrjtbunyan Posts: 1
    As requested by djcombes I can recommend the route along the canal from Worcester up to Hanbury Warfe (I think I have that last name correct).

    It's relatively level - there is a moderate hill after Dunhampstead, but my six year old has managed the route both ways (22 miles in total) on his old Specialised Hotrock 16. I'd have to admit there were a few moans on the way out if I was honest. The route back is easier as it has a slight down hill bias. We haven't been able to cycle along it since he got his new bike (an Isla Beinn 20) but I expect he'll find it even easier.

    Once you are out of Worcester itself it's relatively quiet and the scenery is quite pleasant. There is also pleanty to see. There are a few pubs along the way - one at Tibberton, another at Dunhampstead and one at Hanbury Warfe. All of which offer food which enables you to make a day of it - you may want to book ahead on a Sunday.

    Anyway definitely worth exploring.
  • kellkell Posts: 32
    Have you tried the Wyre Forest? Its just outside of Bewdley. Miles an miles of cycle paths with different sign posted routes, also play area and cafe. We also regularly see dear roaming around, and there is a disused railway. I can thoroughly recommend it for a lovely day out.

    Also my back garden backs onto the Worcester/Droitwich canal, its being restored at the moment and some of the towpaths are great for cycling (I regularly take my children who are 10 and 8) some parts are a bit hairy and we do have to get off and walk our bikes. but its improving all the time.

    Hope this helps!

  • There is the country park near the hospital in Worcester that has paths to ride I think.
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  • There is the country park near the hospital in Worcester that has paths to ride I think.
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