Running odd tires?

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Puncture number 13 this morning (since January) - followed by the valve on the spare exploding in a cloud of CO2 - followed by a long walk home pushing the bike in the rain.

3 of these punctures have been schwarbe ultremos - which don't have the best reputation for puncture protection - so fair enough. But the rest have been on Conti 4000, 4000S, and Michelin Krilion - all of which are supposed to provide a far degree of protection.

TBO, it's becoming very frustrating. It's almost guaranteed that if it's raining then I'll get a puncture, and the odds on me getting one when it's not raining are pretty high as well.

Come winter I will invest in some Gatorskins or Armadillos. But until then I have one GP 4 Seasons tire - which is fairly new, used only twice, as it's pair ended up with a half inch gash in it having ridden over a large piece of flint (Yes, I am the king of punctures!).

I'm thinking of putting the GP 4 Seasons tire on my rear wheel, where I seem to get most of the punctures - but to save purchasing another tire, I'm thinking of keeping the front which is a Michelin Krylion. So my question is - will the pairing of a Michelin Krylion with a GP 4 seasons work, or will the handling and grip differences between the 2 tyres upset the bikes handling and balance?