A weighty problem

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Having been laid off from MTB and all other forms of exercise due to injury I have recently purchased a SantaCruz Blur LT2. However, I have piled on the pounds and curently weigh in at 109 KG approx 225 pounds in old money or 17st 09. I am itching to get going again but is there a weight limit on this bike and shock. I run a RP23 and have alway previously pressurised to roughly 1 psi per pound weight give or take. any advice and feel free to call me a fat bast**d :lol:


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    sounds fine.

    add air till you get the sag you want. what that pressure will be depends on the leverage ratio.

    there is a max install pressure and it is listed in the manual but it is close to 300psi.
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    The recommended limit on my Spark is 110kg. I think this limit is for warranty purposes rather than the bike would break if a 111kg person sat on it. You should be fine and cycling is a good way to lose weight.
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    Joking aside there slim, you won`t be long knocking a stone off if you`re out regularly. My mate was (no $hit) 20 Stone when he started riding last year on an Orange Evo8. He`s now 17 and surpringly fit for his size.
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