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Hi, I'm considering taking up road riding (rather than just casual Mtb'ing that I do now) with the intention of maybe joining a club and eventually doing TT's and/or races.

Now, I think I'll enjoy it but whether I'm fit or fast enough to want to do it long term might be another matter.

What i really want to know is how accommodating clubs are to 'newbs' with little experience and if I did get a real cheapo bike (such as a Viking) how much difference is it likely to make to a beginner over a 10 mile TT for example? Obviously, if I enjoyed it and did ok I'd be looking at upgrading pretty quickly!

Currently I'm about 13 stone and 5'10, probably slightly unfit but not massively so to give an indication of my current physical shape.

Any advice welcome.


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    Hi mate!

    The bike won't make much difference at all! The biggest improvement to a bike on most TT courses comes with the fitting of aero bars, not reduction in weight etc...

    You are 2 stone lighter than me and only 4 inches shorter so don't worry about weight at the moment! Just concentrate on trying to find a club that is accommodating to you, the club I'm in are very welcoming of new people but I know of other clubs that seem quite 'closed' unless you are of a high standard and interested in racing.

    Do an online search and see what it says about new members, ring up the membership secretary and have a chat with them. (That's what I did and I've never looked back, I love the club I'm in!)

    Bottom line - Buy bike, get out and ride!

  • That's good to hear. I've had a look around for various clubs in the North East but there doesn't seem to be much info on the web. If anyone has any links or advice it'd be great.

    Also will shifters on the down tube be an issue? Does anyone actually race/timetrial with bikes like this or is it too much of a handicap?
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    DT shifters are not a problem!