Nike shorts/bibs

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Keep seeing these washing about in clearance bargain buckets 50%-75% off- what's the deal - are they rubbish?

anyone tried them, I see different size guides some say s=28" m=30, others say s=30", m=32.5"


  • strodey
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    My Nike shorts are the comfiest i have, i'm buying up as many as i can! Not sure why they are being sold off, maybe Nike pulling out of cycling?
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  • TheStone
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    I think Nike are moving away from cycling, so probably just shops getting rid of the old stock.
    I have 2 Nike shorts that I use for commuting. Very good, but never tried on a really long ride.
  • rally200
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    How about the sizing? (not a bargain if they don't fit)

    I'm looking for 30" but don't know whether to order small or Medium (seen conflicting size guides)
  • rjh299
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    I'd go for small for a 30. I've got mediums and im 32-33. Decent shorts, as said i think Nike are pulling out of cycling, but with the return of Lance that could soon change. jejamescycles have them cheap usually, aswell as cheap Trek clothing. Clearout before new 'Lance Line' being released?
  • daniel_b
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    I bought my gf 2 pairs of shorts, and myself 2 pairs of shorts and one pair of bibs.

    I am a 32" waist, and went for medium which fits perfectly.

    The shorts I bought were alegedly reduced from £60 down to £19, and the bibs from £99 to £29.

    The quality is excellent I would say, and they prove very somfy, though the shorts have a fairly low waist, which you may like or not, I don't mind either way, and the shorts are fine for me for a 3 hour ride, longer than that I would use the bibshorts, which are also excellent, I used them for my first sportive in June, after 6 hours the saddle was a touch uncomfortable though.

    Have since invested in some santini twistgel cycle shorts from gb cycles for 59.99. and those are superb.

    Where have you seen the Nike cycle kit on clearance??

    I got mine all from JE James last year, might get some more if the price is right!


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  • keef66
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    I got the impression Nike were pulling out of cycling gear when I bought my Nike spd touring shoes a couple of years ago. Seems there's still a bit of stock left in the retail supply chain.

    Excellent shoes. Can't comment on the bibs.