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Yesterday I went and bought a Thule system c/w footpack, aero bars and Proride Cycle Carriers an then went on the forum to read with horror about the chap in Boro who had his Stumpjumper taken from the roof and I feel for him.

Before I bought the system and reading the forum, I was wondering how secure these are because I have seen bikes on these overnight at some of the hotels near to trail centres which made me think they must be quite secure. I have a pretty expensive bike over £2,000 and I wouldn't fancy leaving it unattended for more than a few mins whilst stopping at the services for the toilet.

Does anybody have any experiences, good, bad or indifferent on how secure these are. I would like to think the Stumpjumper episode is more the remote exception than the rule but it does make me very nervous.

I got it fitted now and am using it for the first time tomorrow.
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  • tjwood
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    I've just ordered all that stuff too ;-)

    My bike insurance will cover the bike left on roof racks if it is secured through the frame to the roof or bike rack with an approved lock, suggesting the locks on the carriers aren't that good really. Though presumably even then the theif could still nick the bike and the roof racks it is attached to.

    I have a feeling that there will be no way to do this using my D-lock with the bike mounted in the Proride carrier though. So either need to invest in a Sold Secure chain lock or remove the bike and lock it to something else or just take a risk on it.

    The cost of cycle insurance annoys me slightly. The insurance itself appears to be fairly reasonable (£70 or something a year I think mine was) but I've easily spent that much again on a lock and wall anchor to meet the security requirements of the insurance (and the lock weighs a tonne). I guess it just shows how desirable and nickable bikes are.
  • Surf-Matt
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    TBH the locks wouldn't be hard to pick/break (I've got two of the carriers) so I'd take them off if leaving somewhere like a car park. But they are fine for general use.

    At the very least, I'd get a big D lock and secure them to the bars - but the bars themselves wouldn't take a master thief to whip off either. But it would be a right pain to carry a bike attached to two roof bars.

    Just think like a thief and do the best you can.
  • Raymondavalon
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    I have a Thule system on my Discovery and use the 591 carriers - the ones with the locking jaw action.
    As far as being secure goes, the bikes wont come off when locked down - as in I've done serious off road excursions with the bikes on the carriers.

    A determined thief will get exactly what they want no matter how secure things are.
    For peace of mind you could always tether the bikes under the carriers and roof rack, it's just one more obstacle for the would be thieves to overcome and therefore a deterrent.
    You can buy fairly long tethers from Wiggle and other on line bike shops, I'd weave one through the frame, rack, carrier and wheels and secure it with a mother padlock.
  • Thanks guys.......

    I think I'll make sure that I only use this as a bike carrier and not a storage system but will double check my insurance (I doubt I'll be covered on any current insurance for this value).

    I finished installing this yesterday and I have another question if anybody can help?

    I bought 2 x 591 Proride carriers and the first one I fitted was fine over the driver side, bike went onto it great and I was well happy. So for the second one, I wanted both carriers facing forward so reversed all the brackets as described in the fitting tips then came the problems. The downtube clamp interfered with the chainset so I couldn't clamp the bike so I though OK so I'll just reverse this which I did and this is not practical because it's hard to balance the bike and you cannot get to the ratchet winder unless your arms are 5 feet long.

    In the end I ended up with the carrier as bought and fitted it back to front so the second bike faces backwards. This is no big deal but i wanted them both forwards.

    Does anybody know how to do this because I have seen this on cars but taken too much notice of the set up which basically wasn't relevant before I bought one.

    Today I used it taking my bike to the Lakes and iwas impressed how quick it was compared to putting the bikes inside the car, seats down, wheels off etc and to be honest I wouldn't have known it was there because everyhing was so solid but lets hope I remember if going through a low barrier or similar.....
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  • nicklouse
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    if any of you are leaving your bikes locked on the vehicles overnight then I will not be surprised if you find the bikes gone in the morning and then find your insurance does not cover them.

    Overnight, keep your bikes out of sight. Oh and re read your insurance.
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  • Doombrain
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    I have the same system and there's no way i'd leave my bike on it over night. if someone take a fancy to your goods there's every change they'll have it.
    the best option is to hide it out of sight, just don't take the risk.

    btw, hi everyone
    LOL road riding.