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Example: Buying a bike off Ebay but no delivery option etc, do you have any recommendations for who to use, or how much it would likely cost to get a bike delivered (this is assuming the courier picks up from the owners house)

I know you can only be vague but some people must have seen a bike they really want but been too far away to collect

Thanks :)


  • dynamis_dk
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    Parcelforce will do 48 hour courier service for anything 5kg to 25kg for about £13 within UK. All depend on how much it needs insuring for and how much you trust the courier.
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    Trouble is though, if the Ebay seller has suggested pick up only, I'm guessing they'll be retiscent to drop the bike off somewhere. I'd need a courier to go to the chaps house I'm thinking
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    DHL will let you give them a collection address and pay by CC. You'd probably need to phone them as their tinterweb site is for smaller parcels but it's if you need it!!

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    Check with the seller before you bid. If they have specified pick up only, it means they probably don't want to have to wait in all day for a courier to pick up. Someone did this with a TV I was selling and I refused to sell it to them as the auction terms clearly stated buyer must collect.

    Also check size restrictions and packaging requirements. I can't imagine many couriers will accept a bike unless it's very well packaged, which the seller won't want to do if they were expecting someone to pick it up and put it straight in/on their car.
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    Thanks for your help guys, I decided the possible damage to the bike wasn't worth the cost saving (which ended up being not as good as anticipated in the end anyway)

    However I'm informed for next time if I decide to go down that route

    Appreciated :)
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    I found this a good site, it allows you to check several companies
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    I found this a good site, it allows you to check several companies

    +1. i used this recently. cost me £24.10 to post a road bike though. and note that the price they state is exc VAT. quick service and you can chose pickup dates