Seatpost recommendation

Tom Butcher
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Can anyone recommend a seatpost with at least couple of cms of setback. Clamp snapped on mine this evening - 15 mile ride home without a saddle - it's my best bike so something reasonably nice but don't want to go superlight or super expensive.

Was going to get a Thompson Elite but even their setback model isn't that setback.

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  • from memory a deda black stick has around 23mm of setback i think.
  • kozzo
    kozzo Posts: 182
    Ritchey WCS Carbon Wayback with 45 mm offset
    Ritchey WCS Carbon Oe-Bolt with 30 mm offset
    JAGGY Posts: 167
    I've put a FSA K force carbon on my Ribble. 25mm setback. Really pleased with the comfort factor. First carbon post i've had so can't comment on others.

  • maddog 2
    maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    old style EC70 has about 30mm
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