Best bike (hybrid) for 300-400£

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There is so much choice and i dont know anythink about bikes been looking on the net and reading this forums...

i want a light bike front suspension and disc brakes and the best gears for the price rang of bike

after reading a number of threads i know you prefer road bikes but hybrid is best for me ... e-ec016318

is that the best bike im going to get for my price rang ?

thanks for the help


  • tyax
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    I'd personally dump the suspension. I have a Focus Blue Ridge hybrid with that exact same Suntour fork on, and it's of no use whatsoever for roads/towpaths/cyclepaths, all it does is add a big dollop of unnecessary weight. If I could find a cheap way of putting a rigid carbon (or even steel) fork on it I'd do it in a shot. But I'm not clever enough :lol:

    Also disks are fine, but I wouldn't make them a priority. My Focus has Deore V-brakes and I've only found them wanting on one or two occasions, on seriously steep downhills. I'm officially "a big chap" too :shock: My Mongoose MTB has hydraulic disks, and they're great off road, but overkill for most normal riding. But I wouldn't say no to a hybrid if it happened to have disks, just be aware than mechanical disks (as fitted to the Scott) need more frequent adjustment than hydraulics or even V-brakes :)
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    Don't know about best bike, but as suggested in this thread, you would be better off trying a few to see which one you like best. Often these aren't the ones with the big names like Trek/Spesh etc.
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    As ever drop the susp. & the discs & you'll get a better lighter bike for the money - there's loads of choice out there.

    If its a pure commuter you're after my colleague picked up a Specialised Globe City - comes with 8 speed hub gears (low maintenance), hub dynamo, full mudguards, chainguard, back rack for £375 - absoulute bargain - riding position a little upright but package spot on for all weather commuting.

    Also Giant CRS - reasonably light (26lb ish) same frame thoughout the range so you couldpick up a cheap (£200ish) 7 speed or £350ish 9 speed (or something in the middle)

    loads of competition in this category so visit sa few LBS - try some bikes, and barter I had £260 off rrp on a CRS a couple of years ago
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    I can personally recommend the Ridgeback Hybrids, I use the Velocity for my commute, its rock solid. I have add a few different bits on, spd pedals and the old tyres came off and some 700cx28 sports tyres on. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
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    Gonzo which bike did you get in the end?

    I too am in a similar position with regards budget so thanks for the advice on Brakes/FS
  • rally200
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    rally200 wrote:

    loads of competition in this category so visit sa few LBS - try some bikes, and barter I had £260 off rrp on a CRS a couple of years ago

    barter!?! in bold? must have been p*ssed again - I doubt any lbs will offer you a deal in exchange for livestock
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    Look at the Trek Valencia.

    I bought one for £420 from Evans (barter hard and they will discount!) .....

    Its got mechanical discs which for commuting I find very valuable, especially in the wet, as they give very firm and strong stopping power to avoid those blasted taxis !

    Also has 700x32 puncture resistant tyres ...... the bike flies on these tyres.

    If your commute is less than 10 miles this is a seriously good bike for the money.
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    I got a Marin Kentfield FS (front suspension), and I find the suspension quite handy for mild off road stuff. Depends on how much shaking you want to put up with I suppose, but I'm glad I have it. If you do get suspension though make sure you have a lock-out (which the Kentfield has).