Project: Southern Tier (X-Country Bike Ride / Enviro Docu)

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In a world of Environmental Change where are we at?

Experience the challenge of a cross-country bicycle ride that collects environmental perspective from the regions it visits. The ride leaves from Newport Beach, CA on New Years Day, journeys through the Southern Tier of the United States and completes in Key West, Florida on Earth Day 08.

Endure over mountains, deserts and flat tires with Jeff Hyland and Mike Tryon as they find out where our country is at when it comes to a world of environmental change.

Episode 1 of 4
Ride from: Newport Beach, CA Ride to: Tucson, AZ
Focus: Ocean Relationship / Water Conservation / Fire Ecology / Solar Panels / Energy conservation / Biosphere 2 / Bicycle Co-op

Highlights Include:
Ed Begley Jr
Aquarium of the Pacific - CEO Dr. Jerry Schubel
Nobel Prize Chemistry 1995 - Dr. Sherwood Roland
Earth Resource Foundation - Stephanie Barger
Waste Management - Alberto Guardado
Southern Nevada Water Authority - Doug Bennett
Fire Ecologist NAU - Dr. Pete Fule
Global Solar - Scott Wiedeman
Tucson Electric Power - Joe Salkowski
Energy Conservation - Mike Mayer
Biosphere 2 - John Adams
Tuesday Night Bike Ride - University of Arizona Campus
BICAS - Bicycle Inter Community Art and Salvage

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