What Torque Wrench Mountain Biking UK mag are talking about?

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This month, Mountain Biking UK mag have a workshop section listing tools you need to have.
Can any advise what torque wrench they were refering to for £50.00?

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  • Really?!
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    You could ask in the MBUK bit of the forum, it might get picked up by one of them there.

    Failing that, I'm guessing that they're kind of saying you need to get a torque wrench, but that you shouldn't just pick up any cheap and nasty bit of kit.
  • Arguably a £50 torque wrench IS a cheap and nasty bit of kit. Don't forget that you'll need to have it recalibrated regularly or it will be little better than a socket set. Come to think of it, why not just use a socket/allen key set? How many bike shops do you see using torque wrenches?
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    See when it says tighten to torque it reall means:

    Tighten up + 1/4 turn more = Torque.

    It's been a while...
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    The Sealey STW 1012 can be found for under £30 now. Mine cost nearer to £50 a year ago.