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I've just started training for a trip to Alpe D'Huez next year but new to road cycling.

I'm sure its a case of see what works for you but I really feel I'm stretching to far forward for my handlebars. I don't know if its because I've been mountain biking for the past few years or if I've got my set up wrong.

Any words of wisdom on this as I dont see much room for adjustment.



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    You bike may be the wrong size, it may just need tweaking - if it is too stretched, you could move the saddle forward on the rails or get a shorter stem.

    I finally got around to having a bike fit session done at the weekend (fathers day treat), and it's something I'd recommend - saddle dropped (a lot), and moved forward (again quite a bit), cleats moved forward. The difference was amazing - feels a little strange climbing, but could ride on the drops without any discomfort which before was difficult for more than 5 minutes.

    I thought after cycling for 20 years I had developed the right position - it seems not :oops:
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    A bike fitting sounds like a plan.

    I got my first road bike on the weekend which I'm infatuated with but I'm getting some back ache when I'm leaning down on the lower bars and not sure why. It's a M/L and the dude in the shop told me it was the right size so I'm confident it is but may need to do some tweaking.
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    Thanks for the reply. Its the right size bike, but maybe it dos need a tweek, will have a play around and try and squeeze it together a bit.
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    these forum guys suggested i tweak seat fwd a little and change cleat position - has worked well for me so far although I am considering rotating the bars towards me a bit as i still reach a more back probs though
  • Shezzer
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    You need to be careful about moving the saddle too far forward though. You might get the right reach but knacker up your position over the cranks / pedals ... and there lies inefficiency and knee pain. If your reach problem can be sorted by a minorsaddle adjustment then great but if not then the best bet would be to change to a shorter stem.