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Defy 3

bike husbandbike husband Posts: 124
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Hi I have post this elsewhere but I think I must have used the wrong forum, anyway Iam a mountain biker[well xc] but think that i could use a road bike for training and maybe some tri events.Iam thinking of getting the Defy3 but I know very little about road bikes, what do you guys think.[i am looking at the Defy mainly because my very good lbs is a giant stockists] thanks in advance for your help


  • Icm76Icm76 Posts: 21
    edited June 2009
    I can't comment on suitability for triathlon, but I am slightly similar to you in that I am an MTB rider switching to a road/hybrid bike and I think the Defy is a good choice for a drop bar road bike. I tried the TCR and it was just a little too stretched out for my taste, so the slightly more relaxed Defy seems a good fit, however I have concluded overall that I probably don't want/need drop bars (I'm not ever going to race, and so the added control of a flat bar suits me more than the rare use I will have for the tucked in aerodynamic position of the drop bar)

    I've short listed the Giant FCR, Specialized Sirrus and Trek FX. The Sirrus is possibly little more upright and more comfortable compared with the FCR. The Trek FX is closest in fit to the old MTB. The main reason I mention these: the Defy & FCR share the same frame. So if if you do prefer the flat bar for training and/or commuting, you could go for the FCR and maybe put tri bars on when you want to race.
  • sovedasoveda Posts: 306
    I like my Defy 2 which has the same geometry. Very stable, not too twitchy and fairly quick.
    I've not found that drop bars are any less manouverable than flat bars.
  • I've had my defy 3 for a month now and i'm convinced its the best in its price range.
    taut, precise ride that belies a 'relaxed' geometry.
    If you can look past the initial components (and lets face it, EVERYONE upgrades) it's a great bike for the price.
    theres another recent thread with a new defy 3 owner with a look of :D writ large
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  • I also have a defy 3 (bought it last week) and its superb :D

    I think that defy 3 owner could just be me :D:D:D:D
  • bike husbandbike husband Posts: 124
    thanks guys, Defy3 it is then
  • thanks guys, Defy3 it is then[/quote

    Btw, try it 1st :wink:
  • bike husbandbike husband Posts: 124
    My lbs is very good letting me go for a blast on one tomorrow,thanks again
  • justrestingjustresting Posts: 292
    let us know how you get on.
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  • bike husbandbike husband Posts: 124
    Hi guys thanks again for the feed back,just to let you know that I rode one today [thanks to my great lbs] It is great for what I want plus iam sure that given time some upgrades could take place, so I have bought one :lol:
  • my defy 3 new tyres were the best upgrade, mitchlin lithion's. more comfort, although narower, and better handling
  • justrestingjustresting Posts: 292
    I have a Defy 1 as I was temporarily rich, as far as I know its exactly the same frame as yours and I have found it to be an excellent bike. I'm sure it will be fine as it is, but if you feel the need to upgrade it you can just do it as bits wear out. I'm sure youre gonna love it.
    ' From the sharks in the penthouse,
    to the rats in the basement,
    its not that far '
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