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Time Atac XS or Roc Atac Carbon pedals

akcc05akcc05 Posts: 336
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Hi all,

I'm torn between the two sets of time pedals and I can't really tell the the difference except the Roc is a bit heavier and has a slightly larger (though still small) platform. They are in the same price range:

I have a 4" front and rear full sus and I use it for XC, light trail and all day rides. Comments and advices from owners are welcome.

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Time Atac XS
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Time Roc Atac Carbon
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  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    the ROC pedals have steel rather than ally hoops, which is probably the weight difference, but is also the source of some complaints about longevity (the ally ones wear faster apparantly, not that I've noticed though. I doubt there's anything in the function between the 2. I have the XS on one bike and alums on another and they're both great.

    Unless I was getting them as part of a weight weenie project, I'd probably get the alum ATACs, half the price of either and I'm fairly sure only about 50g heavier than the ROCs (weight weenies says 416 for alum)
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  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    A little bit cheaper here:

    Got my Z Controls from Merlin and going to get a set of Atacs for the Anthem. The big heavy platforms just seem wrong on such a light bike :lol:
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