First bike for 2 year old

thelawnet Posts: 719
My daughter is turning two soon.

Should I get:
or even

for her birthday

She's very tall and heavy.

Or something else?


  • Underscore
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    How about this:


    We bought it for our son's second birthday last summer and he loves it. Having the platform in front of the seat works well as he is able to put his feet on it for those long downhill coasts.

  • pansy_pots
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    Unless she is really tall then I would think the Cnoc 14 would be too hard for her. My large 3 year old girl has just started riding hers and it is great but she did a year on the balance bike first. It is also a lot more weight than a balance bike.
    I think any of the balance bikes would be good.
    Trying to cycle with 3 under 5's
  • thelawnet
    thelawnet Posts: 719
    we bought the Rothan.

    She looked at it with delight at first, but found it was more challenging than it first appeared, and hasn't perserved, yet.
  • pansy_pots
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    I bought a balance bike for my son for his 2nd birthday and it wasn't really until he was about 3 that he got really proficient at it. My daughter was very good on it by 2.5. Once they get the hang it is great!
    Trying to cycle with 3 under 5's
  • Daz555
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    Rothan has the lowest seat height as I recall so I'd say that's the choice for the 2yr olds. Not cheap though.
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  • johnboy183
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    I had similar do with my boy. However we just left it lying around house and when he was ready he jumped on and now is rarely off. Was getting to the point that I thought it was a waste of money. So pleased i was wrong :D
  • spongtastic
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    or try this which is £20 cheaper than the isla . and pink. ... twalk_Girl
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  • I just yesterday bought this one for my 2.5 year old daughter... ... -bike.html
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  • baudman
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    The trick with the saddle height is they need to be able to, comfortably, have both feet flat on the floor before they're going to feel confident with using it.

    Slowly, surely, as they grow, and as they use it more, they'll get better. (But jeez... it tries your patience!) ;)
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  • thelawnet
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    Pink wasn't actually a selling point, because the Rothan looks more like big brother's Beinn.