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Southampton vicinity

tjwoodtjwood Posts: 328
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Have searched for this but not found much... Fairly new to MTBing and based in Southampton I am looking for some reasonable XC rides locally. I don't mind a mixture of road and off-road but do want something slightly challenging, preferably without having to travel too far to get there.

There is obviously the New Forest nearby but it seems that the only bits you're meant to ride are the desginated tracks which don't seem to go anywhere particular and are also fairly flat and boring. I've tried a couple of random routes nearby made by finding bridleways and byways on the OS map but it seems that a lot of the bridleways are incredibly narrow and very overgrown with nettles, brambles, branches, thistles etc and hence not all that fun to ride down (and clearly haven't been used by a horse in a long while!)

I know I'm not that far from the SDW which I will try to attack sometime (probably in bits to start with!)

Does anyone have any good circular routes within a reasonable distance of Soton, or recommend any areas to try exploring?



  • hello i live in totton and work in a shop in southampton give me a text and i will let you know when we go out we go out at least once a week and do 15-25 miles my number is
  • pjm-84pjm-84 Posts: 819
    Try Lordswood enclosure ( the other side of the Sports Centre). :D
  • Try: for riding options around Salisbury Plain (not local I know, but worth considering), if that's within reasonable distance for you. They have a good challenge on 20th September that might just suit.
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  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    There's also QE Park near Petersfield, lots of trails there both in and out of the park. It's not too far from you and worth the trip. You could also do the old railway at Wickham and then use the SDW and Hundred Acres/West Walk to make a loop out of it quite easily.

    There's also Swinley which is a bit further but just head straight up the M3 to J3 and follow the sign for the lookout.
  • tjwoodtjwood Posts: 328
    Thanks for the suggestions.
  • skullthawskullthaw Posts: 321
    pjm-84 wrote:
    Try Lordswood enclosure ( the other side of the Sports Centre). :D


    this is where i tend to go dude :wink:
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