Anyone fancy a trip to morzine

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We have booked a challet for from sat the 11th of july for two weeks, we currently have 2 spare spaces. the price will be about £85 per person per week not including any food. if anyone fancies coming out for a week or two just let me know on here

The chalet is located next to the 'Ridge Hotel', which about 2 minutes ride from the far side of the big padestrian bridge next to the super Morzine lift. Its nothing specail, but has a secure cave/garage so it should be suitable for bikes. There will be a mix of trail riders and more dh people. I know my way around the area quite well as I've been going for the last few years. If we find 2 more people for both weeks (we have 1 double bedroom spare + 1 bunk bed space) then it will be £70 per person per week. We will be living fairly budgetly, so cheap food from the supermarket and lots of cheap beer! Should be a nice chilled out week.
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