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Shoes and pedals..

nicholasjnicholasj Posts: 100
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hi all, another newbie question sorry!

looking at buysing some shoes and clipless pedals - now im not scared of using the clipless, just that cycling in london traffic during rush hour really makes me want to still have the platform option for those trickey times, so i've considered these: ... d-spd.html

not the sexiest i admit, nor the most upto date in-thing peice of kit but seems versatile for the commute and the 70 mile ride on a weekend.

any thoughts?

also, is there a noticable difference from road cycling shoes to triathlon cycling shoes?

i can get a pair of these very cheap: ... spid=40656

i like the idea of a bit of extra ventilation (to be honest probably wont be wearing them in the winter when its wet). will the fit be a bit looser?

thoughts appreciated as always..


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    You could not use those shoes with SPD pedals. They are for SPD-SL or Look type road pedals. You need MTB or Touring shoes. There are several on the UKbikestore site that would be suitable.
    You may find these pedals better as you can use both sides with or without clipping in. No need to make sure you have the pedal the right way up.
  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
    m8 been using the Shimano PDM324 Single Sided SPD on my x-cross, (mostly road) for 3 months now, my rides vary from 10 milles to a 50 mile raid at the weekends, no problems getting in and out, is a breeze. I started off with the cleats quite slack and gradually tightened them up, I will however be changing these for a pair of Shimano SPD-SL or some Look Keo, and I have no idea why :roll:

    Hope this helps

  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
    Oh and as for shoes, what he said :oops:

    I use the Shimano R086, can take both cleaths, and have a hole in the sole under the toes for some air flow, not badley priced either.

  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    As I'm a lifelong MTBer, I've stuck MTB SPDs (M520s) on our new road bike so our shoes (me and wife share bikes) fit them all. The handy thing about MTB shoes is that you can walk in them without looking like ED209.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,163
    You might want to check out wellgo pedals(wiggle do them) - they do something very similar to that shimano pedal...for about £20.

    Your right they look awful - but I have them on my comutter and they are great for commutting. You might also want to consider mtb shoes - as these are easier to walkin , with recessed SPD cleats.
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